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extra virgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil Tuscany
The extra virgin olive oil is produced with a focus that starts right from the harvest, done entirely by hand in Tuscany, Italy . The olives are taken quickly to the mill where it is used a cold press process.

Beyond that, the high altitude above sea level, which hinders the life of the usual olive pests, offers us the opportunity to have a biological product with high organoleptic characteristics.
Extra virgin olive oil Tuscany
Cherry, pear, apple and peach trees of old varieties are the raw material for the production of different types of jams made by hand. They are in fact made with freshly picked fruit which is converted without the addition of coloring agents, preservatives and thickeners. Old varieties such as pear of the Cure, the light green fig and the Queen peach are our favorites. Great for breakfast and for dessert they offer unusual combinations with cheeses both fresh and seasoned. Our flagship, now unavailable in the shops, the "solid quince", produced according to an old recipe from the pulp of the quince, after he was taken off the liquid part to obtain the jelly.
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